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Scissor Lift Mantal Xd-M50s
Scissor Lift Mantal Xd-M50s
Scissor Lift Mantal Xd-M50s
Scissor Lift Mantal Xd-M50s
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Specification of Scissor Lift Mantal Xd-M50s

Standard Features


●XE-N series working height is 6.5m(about 21 feet) and 8m(about 26 feet)

●The platform can outreach  0.9m (about 3 feet), and the machine can be 2.52m(about 8.26 feet)

●Compact design,can be easily passed single standard door and enter the lift,and so on

●The Min. lift capacity is 230 kg(about 506pound), the Max. lift capacity is 270kg(594pound)

●Proportional controls for lift and drive functions

●Automatic 25 amp battery charger provides strong power for vehicle

●Safe distance protection when the platform lowering down.(CE)

●Manual Emergency platform lowering valve,when there is no power,the machine can be safety lower down

●Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls

●Drive speed interlock limits speed while elevated

●Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration

●When there is no power,manual brake release function can move the machines under the circumstances when there is no other forklift,lifting equipment and so on.

●Pothole guards protect the machine don't tilting down when the machine moved on the raised position

●Non-marking tires make sure there is no damage and no marks on the ground

●It has the 30% gradeability, and at the same time each machine equipped

tilt sensor alarm to make sure the user can use the machine correctly

●Diagnostic system


Option Features


●Platform revolving door

●Folding platform column

●Air pipe to the platform

●Power outlet channel platform

●Platform working light

●Maintenance-free battery

●Safety devices against overloading

●Flashing warning lights

●Motorcar horn

●Collision Avoidance System

●Head protection automatic stop system


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021 - 29860545 (HUNTING)
081919802323 (WhatsApp)

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